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Samsung Messages - Contact Priority

(Topic created: 09-19-2023 09:53 PM)
Galaxy S23

Hello! I used to be able select a contact and set a priority in the stock Samsung Messages app. I just got a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and I figured out how to to do it in the stock Google Messages app, but not Samsung. When did this option go away? I like having the mini thumbnail as part of the notification. I attached a pic of the setting option I used to be able to get.

Before I could long press on the notification when someone texted or go to my recent notifications and could set the priority.

I do like the Samsung Messagss app better and I do miss this option. I hope someone can help!


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Galaxy S23
In Samsung Messages you 'pin' priority messages from contacts so that they remain at the top.

To due this:



Open the message
Tap the More icon (3 vertical dots in the upper right next to the contact's name or phone number)
Tap the push pin icon at bottomScreenshot_20230920_050723_Messages.jpg