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Smart calibration doesn't give a Consistent 2 point white balance

(Topic created: 04-25-2024 04:44 PM)
Galaxy S23

Okay I've send a email to the smartthings team that I got from the smartthings app page from the play store but it seems like no one over there checking there emails but I've noticed While I'm using my galaxy s23 phone that using the smart calibration it's doesn't give a Consistent 2 point white balance with a case Protector on or off and I even doing the calibration in the dark plus the other issue I have is that why does the other pro/custom calibration only available for a small amount of tv's it should be available to all tv's because I don't think that just basic calibration dose basic it's less basic plus for calibration we should be able to Choose.from gamma bt.1886 or 2.2 as also in game mode we should be able to use smartthings calibration instead of it being gray out.

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