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Super Slow Motion feature on S23 Ultra is broken

(Topic created: 05-02-2023 02:46 PM)
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I'm having serious issues with the S23 Ultra Super Slow Motion mode. I used it to detect and fix flutter on the industrial cooking fans, starting with S9+. All following iterations had a really bad SSM but it was usable because the fans rotate at about 500 rpm and are well-lit. Now, the videos, despite higher resolution, are a blur, they don't look sharp and none of the individual blades can be seen. I had to purchase a used s20 in order to get the feature back and it's extremely inconvenient.

One of the main reasons I bit the bullet and purchased this unnecessarily big phone with old, tired hardware, no real upgrades and zero improvements over the previous one, instead of an iPhone 14 ProMax or any other phone that doesn't cost  $1700+. That reason was the Super Slow Motion feature, it was a must. I was going to switch to something else because but Samsung promised me by giving me assurances, on multiple occasions, that, not only this time around it's a 'true 960fps', instead of the previous faux version with a digitally-enchanced 480fps, but also upgraded to full HD! I had no reason to doubt Samsung because I assumed that Samsung had professionals working for them who knew what they were talking about. I'm now paying for my naive approach of taking what seemingly intelligent, competent people say for granted. 


If this is a software issue then please, release a patch that will fix it, I already spoke to tech support, they forced me to reset my phone in the end and it didn't help. The videos are blurry and are nowhere near 960 fpS. I need to know what the problem is and, most importantly, if the Super Slow Motion will ever work as intended so I can take proper steps to rectify this situation. Big part of my job is making sure the cooling fans don't break duento flutter, if one of the damaged blades is out of balance and forces the whole blade assembly to vibrate it's crucial for me to be able to identify the exact one and balance it before it breaks and sends shrapnel flying all over the place, taking the cooling tower offline for weeks. My old S9+ used to allow me to do just that before it decided to die, like all other Samsung products I owned over the years.


It is ridiculous that I cannot get any help or even a straight answer from anybody, I would like for Samsung to fix this, so please fix the issue that makes all photos and videos taken with the rear camera(s) look so weird, unnatural and overprocessed.

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Why is samsung not FIXING THIS GARBAGE!
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Community Manager
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Hello HurricaneOleg, thank you for posting. Welcome to the Samsung Community. I understand the super slow motion feature on the S23 Ultra is broken. Please, submit an error report directly to Samsung.

Right after the issue appears, please submit an Error Report. Samsung Members app->Get Help->Feedback->Error Reports