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Swipe navigation

(Topic created: 04-03-2024 05:09 PM)
Galaxy S23

With the new OS Update this morning, I can revert back to the swipe navigation from button navigation, however, there's interference with the Wallet widget at the bottom.  So I updated the wallet widget to only be accessible on the lock screen (not ideal).  The open app navigation is still unusable though.  I can get it to open maybe once every 20 tries.  I changed the sensitivity but it only impacts the edges, not the bottom.  I don't need two back buttons.  I need a single swipe gesture for back, a single swipe gesture for home (that doesn't interfere with the wallet), and a single swipe for open apps.  Ideally, all upwards gestures, because the side swipe gestures interfere with other app functionalities.  For example, I can't use the sliding functionality on my bank app anymore because it's misread as nav back.  This is absolutely dreadful and I hate it.  Please go back to the initial navigation experience.  Whoever approved of this design needs to be fired.  

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Galaxy S23

You can get the gestures back by downloading GoodLock App / Navstar Module from the Galaxy Store.

•  Go to the Samsung Galaxy Store  >
•  Download Good Lock app  >
•  Then open It  >
•  Scroll down & download NavStar  >
•  Then open NavStar  >
•  Turn NavStar switch On  >
•  Enable Extra Gestures Settings  >

•  Then go to phone settings  >
•  Display  >
•  Navigation Bar  >
•  Choose Swipe Gestures  >
•  Press More Options  >
•  Choose Swipe from Bottom  >
•  Turn Gestures Hints Off.