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Things being removed and or changed

(Topic created: 04-01-2024 05:22 PM)
Galaxy S23
Lately everything we like about Samsung phones is starting to get worse. Every time there is a update something gets removed or changed or doesn't work right then they have to push out a update to fix it .... Why ?? Why must things be removed was there a poll taken and there was a vote on it because I did see it or no one posted it.?? Did the higher-ups make this decision without input from us the consumers. And why must everything be put in Good Lock, then we wait for that update to come just so we can use something we already had that was taken away. And ever this last beta pretty much everyone's phone has had an issue or two and some still haven't gotten there problems fixed. Is it me or is Samsung phones and other devices just aren't living up to their reputation.. Make it make sense 🤔

And please for the sarcastic people please keep your comments to a low roar because there is always someone who has to say something that is really not helpful at all IJS
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Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S23
I agree. The things Samsung removed are the reasons I chose Samsung. Now with Samsung being like its competitors, there is really no reason to stick with Samsung. AOD and coloured notifications were best on Samsung.
Galaxy S23
I agree too. Put all the features of Good Lock back on the phone. Let us decide what we want to use. They had to mess with the camera and zoom on the S24 Ultra. Now I wish I would've kept my S21 Ultra. It was so much better. Zoom was great at 100%. Even the video zoom was fantastic. Not Even sure if I can do it anymore on this phone. Now it's horrible and fuzzy. Because of this, I don't even use the zoom anymore. Time to buy a camera again. So much for the 21st century new stuff.