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how do we turn off ai?!

(Topic created: 05-18-2024 04:12 AM)
Galaxy S23
i don't want to freak samsung out, but i know how to spell, my grammar is great, and i know how to search. 

what i don't know is why tf they think i should have ai on my phone, able to monitor EVERYTHING by DEFAULT, without being about to turn it off. if it's so great, wouldn't they expect we'd want to turn it on if they told us about it instead of making us take it?

feels like a HUGE violation of my privacy.

gow do i shut it down? buy a different phone? if so, which one?
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Galaxy S23
They already have all the data harvesting they need going on in your phone without AI. The new AI features are only active when you invoke them, so if you dont want to engage with it, then just dont. For instance, the new grammar and spelling stuff only actives if you press the star emoji looking thing on your keyboard toolbar, and then it analyzes the words you have in the text box. Circle to search only invokes when you hold the home button, and only scans what's on your current screen. Interpreter/phone translator only functions when you manually activate it prior to or during the phone call.

You can set it to on device processing only in advanced settings, which prevents any offloading of data to a remote center for processing which occurs since some tasks, like generative editing, require more processing than the phone can deliver. Circle to search can be disabled in settings>display>navigation bar to prevent accidental invokes.

AI does not mean your phone is now alive or thinking or monitoring you,
Galaxy AI doesn't even include a transformer model, the technology that allowed advances such as chatGPT. It's just an umbrella branding term.
Galaxy S23
Click on labs..... Disable some AI1716252233680.jpg
Galaxy S23
It messed with my swipe features like swipe to go back or for recently. Now it just is a piece of **bleep**. I'm forced to use the always on buttons. I liked having the commands hidden and now I wish I could downgrade before the update.