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sounds stops, usually restarts using new bluetooth earbuds

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Galaxy S23

Sounds stops, usually restarts using new bluetooth earbuds (Soundcore Sport x20).  App is youtube and youtube music . Happens randomely when I am out riding my bicycle. Never happened previous.  Seems to happen more frequently with ride time.Possibly related to soundcore dual connection option  (suggestion by Souncore tech). This is switched on and off in the soundcore app. new feature(?) Inconsistent effect. Turning dual connection off in Soundcore app worked for a while, then sound skipped out again. Dual connection feature turned itself b ack on. Another observation: when the sound turns off there is a click in my right ear, then a three note notification plays, as if bluetooth has turned on and off. I haven't id'd the notification sound. Other details: I use lights on my bike that are remote control operated (Bontrager) They appear in my list of accessible Bluetooth devices on my phone but have never been a problem and there is no phone app to control these as far as I know. This issue only occurs with one pair of earbuds with my S23 Ultra. I tried the earbuds in question using widows laptop Bluetooth and no problems.

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Galaxy S23
There are different kinds of Bluetooths. Not all of them work on all phones. Take it to someone that really knows what they are doing. They will tell you which one you need. Easy isn't it!!!