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Galaxy S24
I finished shopping and put my keys and my phone (Dumb idea) on the side of my trunk (A gap where the pneumatic strut goes) and my cousin passed me my keys (Not seeing my phone) and then closed it softly and he said it wouldn't close, I got out the car and then slammed my trunk shut, heard a cracking noise (Thought it was all the groceries) and then realized I don't have my phone on me and then panicked because I thought my phone was toast and then I grabbed it and the phone turned off (Assuming it's a protective feature) only had two lines on the screen from the strut I rubbed then off and then I started the phone up and so far 10 hours later seems perfectly fine. I'm so glad this phone is so durable. 

TLDR: Slammed my trunk on my phone, phone turned out to be fine 
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