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Having issues connecting my smart tags 2 with my s24 ultra

(Topic created: 03-08-2024 01:46 AM)
Galaxy S24
I bought a 4 pack of smart tags 2 off of Amazon. After I got them, I connected two tags to my phone the first day. I connected them to my wallet and my backpack. The day after, I want it to connect it to my keys. And so I followed all the steps needed to connect the tag to my phone. At first, it was all fine. It connected with ease, but then I want it to test them just so I knew they worked. When I go to the smart things app and try to ring the tag, it says that the tag is "nearby", while the others say "connected". I then go ahead and see if it rings but all it says is that "this tag is already connected to 2 other devices. You'll be able to connect when at least one of thedevices disconnects". I haven't connect them to another device at all. I tried a couple times more, by getting out of the app and running it again, and we'll, it works sometimes. Sometimes I try ringing it, it works, and I try it immediately again just to make sure and it doesn't work anymore. Anyways, I got tired of it not working properly, and so I tried connecting my last tag to my phone now, because I thought maybe I just got a faulty tag. Nope. I'm still having the same issues with this one. Again, they work sometimes (not many) which is fine, but I feel is because they are close to the phone whenever i try to ring them, and so I fear that if I lose them and they are far away, they won't work at all. The thing that I don't get is that my first two tags that I connected the day before, they work perfectly. They are soo good, but these other two don't. I dont know if i have to turn on some setting or something like that. I have tried searching it up to see if anybody was having the same problems as me but couldn't find no help. If anybody could help me, it would be awesome.
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Galaxy S24

Are you sure the error message wasn't telling you that your device (phone) is already connected to two Smarttags, the other way around? I don't know if it's still the case, but it used to be that only two Smarttags could be used concurrently at any given time (which is confusing when you sell them in a 4-pack, to say the least). Samsung, is that still the case , or is more than two finally allowed?