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Impossible to order Galaxy S24 Ultra-1TB - Samsung problem

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I now have a love/hate affair with Samsung.
Firstly, here's what I LOVE --
-- I love that I have had various (see below) Samsung products from phones, tablet, recorder, and computers and they are quality, long-lasting, and mostly trouble-free.

And, here's what I HATE --
As of 4/24/2024, I have spent over 8 hours since 4/20/2024 trying to place an order for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - 1TB phone.
-- There seems to be no system that Samsung uses whereby a representative takes notes that can be seen by future calls to other representatives. Why in this era of high technology can't Samsung use voice recognition which would allow for notes on my account be taken for further/future reference? As a result, I have had to speak to over a dozen representatives on this issue and I have to repeat the details of the issue with each and every one of them - wasting hours, not to mention having the call dropped numerous times when a representative transfers me to someone else.

-- The last representative that I spoke with, Marj, on 4/24/2024 10:46AM, said that she was going to escalate the ordering issue and that I would hear back after 24 to 48 hours. WHY is it that after a minimum of 12 to 15 attempts and conversations with other representatives, four different order numbers (xxxx, xxxx, xxxx, xxxx) and four cancellations of my order that only now is the issue "escalated"? WHY couldn't it have been escalated after the first couple of cancellations? It would have saved me at least 4 hours of repeated calls to Samsung to get to an escalated status.

Here is my issue:
I originally placed the order for the above-noted phone on (4/20/2024) using a Visa credit card ending in xxxx and order number xxxx. The order went through. Within 30 minutes I received an email at (my email address) stating that the order had been canceled.

I called Samsung and the representative sent me an email with a link to my order form. I asked if there was a possible issue with my deceased wife's name (xxxx) at the top of the order from instead of mine. The representative assured me that it was not an issue.

After trying to order again, the error message came through ("We're unable to verify part or all of your information. Please review and update, then try again") . Further attempts resulted in numerous (more "unable to verify" messages) and another cancellation.

I called my credit card company for the (xxxx) card and they said that Samsung had debited the account for the amount of the phone ($xxxx) and that it was later canceled -- two times it was canceled! The card company (Visa) also told me that there was nothing wrong with my card and it was a problem with Samsung. I was also told that had there been any problem with my card that they (the Visa card company) would not have been able to inform me of the charges and cancellations from Samsung.

I asked one Samsung representative if other people were having this issue with trying to order from Samsung. He replied that, yes, other people were having the issue and Samsung was working on it. I can only hope the S24 will work better than Samsung technical/customer support!

I finally decided to try another card (Visa - ending with xxxx) and again the order was completed only to find an email from Samsung later saying the order had been canceled. I called Samsung yet again and was given another form. I asked this representative if they were sure that having my wife's name at the top of the order form instead of my name would cause a problem. The representative said, YES, that it would be a problem. I was transferred to the accounts department and was led through the process of changing my profile and editing the information so that my name (after another 24-hour wait) appeared at the top of the order form. After the 24-hour wait, I tried again by logging in to my Samsung account. A form automatically appeared with the correct name (my name) at the top of the form with the correct ordering parameters so I submitted the credit card information using the xxxx card. I was elated to see the order complete. Then, this morning (4/24/2024) I received an email stating that the order was canceled once again! I called Samsung and talked to Marj, 10:46AM. She said she was going to escalate the issue. Now I have to wait until 4/26/2024 to see if I can order yet again!

Now, looking at the plethora of posts others have made regarding customer support, I see that I am not the only one who is frustrated and angry about not only customer support but also the nightmare in trying to order this phone.

In summary, I have TOTALLY WASTED over 8 hours over four days of my precious time dealing with a problem that two different credit card issuers have stated is a problem with Samsung, NOT my credit cards! I now have a Love/Hate affair with Samsung and will tell everyone I know that I Love Samsung phones and that I hate their customer support! Samsung should discount the phone to me substantially more to compensate for the lost time out of my life, the time wasted going around in circles getting nowhere in trying to pay them $xxxx for a phone. I believe in telling it the way it is - and I'm going to tell my friends and the internet world at large that I continue to LOVE the Samsung line of electronics (having had a Note 5, a Note 9 (currently), a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (works great), and a couple of Samsung computers) and that I absolutely HATE Samsung customer/tech support (NON-support)!

I wonder how many of you are having the same problem.  Your reply would be valued as I will quote it to Samsung customer non-service the next time I speak with them.

To be continued .....

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I have had zero problems with Samsung CS. I've never had an order cancelled. I did make a significant mistake on a trade-in back in 2022, but CS was able to save my bacon. I see the other horror stories, too, so I'm always nervous when trading with them. I had Samsung actually phone me on an error report that I had issued via the Members App to confirm if a recent update had fixed my issue. So, for the most part, I've had a good experience.

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Can you not buy the phone anywhere else other than direct from Samsung?
Galaxy S24
No, in the US it's only the unlocked version through samsung.