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Not connecting s-pen

(Topic created: 04-16-2024 05:26 PM)
Galaxy S24
Is there anybody that can not connected for s-pen with Ultra S24????
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Galaxy S24
I have a Note10+ that hasn't connected for 2 years. It happened after an update. I contacted Samsung through this app several times only to never get it fixed. The second time I contacted them, I saved the message that says they were aware there is a problem and would get back to me. Then I got stupid answers that blamed my pen being bad. Funny that hundreds of other pen users complained about the same problem. Anyhoo I will tell you they will recommend to go into settings 》Advanced Features》S-pen and Air Actions will let you Connect or Reset the Pen. Give it a try and I really hope it works for you. See, my phone is considered "old" but yours being much newer has a better shot seems I was told it was a problem with the "low ble", which isvthe Bluetooth low energy signal.