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Notification priorities

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Galaxy S24

I'm coming from a Google Pixel 6 and the notifications on it were far better. They had a bunch more priority options and integration with apps. For instance discord used to show specific chats and I could turn off notifications for just those chats. (I know I can do that in app but it is just an example) There were a few other priority/notification features I can't recall at the moment that I miss a lot. I feel like I have no control over my notifications on my new s24 ultra.

The clear all notification button should be persistent as well. I shouldn't have to scroll to the bottom of my notifications to get to it.

I almost always have to swipe upwards twice if not all the way to the bottom of my notifications to get out of my notifications because it prioritizes scrolling through them rather than hiding them. I could use the universal back swipe but then I end up swiping away notifications I don't want to swipe away yet. An easy fix would be to allow users to adjust the sensitivity of that action or add a persistent button at the bottom that users can tap to hide notifications. 

This one might be a separate issue related to he app that manages it but I keep turning off the notifications for things I downloaded from my browser(s) such as images or apks because they don't group. I've had over 20 notifications from it and it's ridiculous how much it bloats my notifications. The best part is that it keeps turning the notifications back on by itself!


Example of per conversation notification toggles


 not to mention the ability to make each one silent or normal.

Example of other options


Override do not disturb was a huge one that I would love to see. 

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Galaxy S24
For overide DND, you can add app to allow notifications1719135979415.jpg