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S24 Ultra with Dual SIM Keeps switching data networks along w/ Android Auto

(Topic created: 04-17-2024 10:51 AM)
Galaxy S24
I've been battling this issue with Samsung since my z fold4 days although they ended up correcting it for the Z-Fold and never had an issue after a certain update. 

After this issue was corrected, I pre-ordered an unlocked S24 Ultra, and I'm running into this issue again. Even though I have full signal bars on both networks, along with disabling data switching, this phone continues to switch back and forth so many times throughout the day, and sometimes loses data signal entirely forcing me to either go into airplane mode or restart it. 

I have been a Samsung loyal consumer for about 15 years ever since the Galaxy S3 and had just about every premium line they've had. 

I travel and take a lot of calls on my phone via Teams. Any disruption in the signal and it's constantly having me reconnect and rejoin the meeting.

Because of how much work I do on my phone I am now forced to separate them out carrying two phones, and I am now going to switch and try out a pixel fold next. 

I am taking the time to do this to share my frustration because I don't have time to mess with these kind of issues. I expect Samsung to really figure out the bugs here and iron it out before they lose more market share. This should have been fixed before introducing a new phone to the market.

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