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Just wanterld 2 add that does anyone think the S24 Ultra is a better phone than the phone it replaces, the Note 20 Ultra? Personally, I think the Note vernacular should of stayed attached to identify the Ultra phones and I'm still liking my old Note 20 Ultra as 1 of the best phones ever. What do you guys think? Just want to get a discussion going 2 figure out why they had to even stop making the Note series in the 1st place? Throw some ideas @ me, pls, just wanna see what we all are thinkin about regarding phones we probably loved and didn't see the need to replace it with something else!
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I had a Note 10+, then, just ab. a month ago, bought a Note 20 Ultra. I've had a ton of phones - iphones & androids.. and this is by far, I think, the best phone I've ever had. I'm still blown away by it - I love ev.thing about. it. I honestly have yet to find a single thing that I DON'T like about it. I'm trying to think, if someone "made" me tell them something 'bad' about it, what I would even say. I really can't think of a single thing that I don't love about it.. I loved (still love) my Note 10+. But this thing is even a whole lot better, & blows me away every time I pick it up. You DO have to be a lover of HUGE phones, which I am - bec. this one -is- huge. If I can get it into my pocket (jeans/shorts, etc.), then it's not "too big" for me, though. I have an Otterbox Defender case on it, which makes it even a little bigger, but for -me-, still not a problem. I love this thing. I hesitated a tiny bit, in buying it, in that it was discontinued, and a few yrs old, but I'm SO glad that I did buy it. I guess if I WAS 'forced,' though, I would prob. have to say that I wish the battery lasted a little longer, but even -it- is not terrible. With the huge display & ev.thing, it's to be expected. A big, lightning-fast 5G phone, w/12GB of RAM; 120hz / super-bright display; ability to add a 1TB SD card; S-pen; great sound, great photos, video.. Again, by far, the best phone I've ever had.
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@MrAntPerky I've had the Note 7, Note 8, Note 10, Note 20. I have a S23 Ultra and a Fold 5. My wife has the S24 Ultra. The Notes worked well for me and had a lot of capability. If you are happy with it, then stick with it until your apps refuse to connect due to security issues. I have a 14 year old car which still works just fine for me. 

But, the new Ultra line is definitely more capable than the Note 20.