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The true power of the 8 plus Gen 3 for Galaxy (SM8650-AC)

(Topic created: 03-28-2024 09:54 PM)
Galaxy S24
I'm very aware of the differences between synthetic benchmarking and real world usage. Benchmarks essentially aren't a 1:1 to real world performance BUT, they are a good indicator. I have had many high end SOC's the past two years or so, while for the most part, they've been pretty incremental in performance increases; that is, until the Gen 3 AC came out. Not to be confused with the Gen 3 AB. This year, it's the first year that I have seen a nearly 85% increase in raw GPU performance over just last year's chip. **bleep**, I even rooted and overclocked the GPU in last year's Snapdragon 8+ Gen 2 in the Motorola Edge 2023. That enabled it to come out on top of even the factory overclocked Gen 2 in the Galaxy S23 Ultra, while I wasn't nearly as high in the MHz as the Galaxy. 
Enter the Gen 3 AC. Completely unmodified in any way, and benchmarked using the exact same copy of geekbench in the exact same climate and humidity controlled the room. No passive or active cooling, just a naked phone at 80% battery, sitting on the same 3D printed block. The results astounded me initially. The S24U scored almost 90% higher than my S23U in the Vulkan GPU test and about 80% higher than the OC'd Edge 2023. The best score in Vulkan with the Moto was in the high 9000's, while the S24U's first run managed an astounding 16,889! That's a frightening difference for a 1 year newer SOC.
I still have much more testing to do, thankfully I own all three phones and can run them side by side so I'd like to compare the thermal throttling difference between the 23 Ultra and 24 Ultra, as we already know, the 23 Ultra had an abysmal cooling system and pretty much thermal throttled after the first 30 seconds of full tilt. Apparently, this was addressed with the S24U'S much bigger vapor chamber. I also have tons of passive cooling systems as well as crazy top of the line custom water blocked phone coolers that run ice water through a thermal electric peltier thermal pasted to the SOC. The water cooler easily eliminates thermal throttling altogether on its lowest setting so I'm not sure anyone else is a geek like me to this degree, but if you are, stay tuned as I have many more tests that I'd like to run. I'm leaving the screenshot of my geekbench online results from tonight proving my results weren't fabricated and the S24U's GPU domination over the market as of now.
CPU testing will be at a later date, but let's just say it surpassed the bionic in multi core in the 1 CPU test I did.


Stay friendly guys, this isn't a competition at all. We're just enjoying our VERY expensive slabs of glass and titanium!
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