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Voice commands getting cut off while driving

(Topic created: 04-18-2024 11:03 AM)
Galaxy S24

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but thought I'd share in case someone has a fix (or maybe it's just me). Seems to happen when connected to my car's bluetooth.

So I connect to my car's Bluetooth with no issue. It is set up for calls, audio, and contacts. If I use Waze or Google Maps or Google Assistant ("Hey Google"), the first few words of ANY response immediately gets cut off. For example, if I ask Google to give me the weather, I'll hear, "...rent weather is 65 degrees", as opposed to "The current weather is 65 degrees." Or Maps will say ".... at the light." instead of "Turn left at the light." This happens all the time. 


If I have Youtube or Amazon Music playing in the background, all the responses come through very clearly with NO words being cut at all. It's like there is no problem. 

What's going on and how do I fix that? Thank much! 

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