Out of Stock for a claim!! WTF
‎10-03-2017 04:06 PM
‎10-03-2017 04:06 PM

has anyne else had an issue when submitting a claim? my claim has been approved and they said it would be shipped out next day! when i didn't recieve the item i called to find ut that Assurant who handles Samsungs insurance claims, dont have my Galaxy S8+ (unlocked) in stock and "has no idea when it will be back in stock but they will send my replacment out as soon as it becomes available again.." who does business like this! I purchased my phone and insurance directly through samsung so i could avoid the who bull**bleep** experience i get from Tmobile. just to find out they use the same company to process their claims..  what business doesn't know when their shipment trucks are going to be arriving? But i can say they took my deductable money real fast.. and hey! they even offered to contact Tmobile with me on the line and explain the situation so i could "maybe get a discount on a phone that I could use as a sub phone until this one becomes availabe again"!!! WTF i dont even know what to think!! 


I filed a warranty claim with Assurant on 9/26/2017.... still on back order... no ETA.



this is making me worry if this phone has problems. im thinking they are making you wait for a refurbished phone that came back from a claim .
I had a similar problem but finally got a replacement phone after 10 days.