S8+ Samsung Cloud Storage and Privacy Issue


S8+ Samsung Cloud Storage and Privacy Issue

Storage Issue:

By default, when you synced your samsung account it will also sync your gallery. So everytime you take a picture, it will be sent to their Cloud when connected to Wifi (this is the default settings when you sync your samsung account to reduce data consumption). Unfortunately, for first time user of this new settings and policies , you won't even notice that until you try deleting a picture and a popup box appears saying that the image you deleted will be moved to your samsung cloud trash/bin. Now this becomes an issue, because you thought (like any other cloud service), it is supposed to be a BACKUP!! So if you delete an image from your phone's local gallery (NOT FROM THE CLOUD), the backup should not be affected and vice versa. The worst part is when you try to access Samsung Cloud from your gallery and then tried to delete an image/video ,it will be sent to trash/bin right? then you try to clear the trash/bin and went back to your gallery and all you see is an EMPTY GALLERY. WTH Samsung? We didn't ask for your cloud to be our MAIN storage for our images/videos. And if so, why would you allow the local image file to be deleted when you want only is to remove a it from the cloud? WHY? 


and there comes the Privacy Issue

You are supposed to Backup only what IS in the Samsung Cloud App settings, right? WTH would you even scan ALL Folders (Including hidden files/folders) and backed up every single image and video to the Cloud? Are you not limited only to DOCUMENTS(.xls,.doc, etc.) and GALLERY? Why would you access everything on the storage? WHY?


This is a fair warning for all samsung s7, s7 edge, s8, s8+, note 5, note 7 please double check your Samsung Cloud


Re: S8+ Samsung Cloud Storage and Privacy Issue

unfortunately I have been plagues by this on galaxy S6 after a recent update. I did not agree to using samsung cloud at any point and all of a sudden I find my gallery images have been uploaded... the only way to remove them from samsung cloud is to access the cloud app on my phone (as opposed to via a browser) however I do not want to touch that app on my phone - it's as intrusive as a virus... sure it's not a virus but it's a data mining tool as far as i am concerned based on it's behaviour so far. not using another samsung mobile phone once this is in the trash (in a few weeks when I am out of contract)