S8+ worst phone I've had in 6 years.


S8+ worst phone I've had in 6 years.

I've been through a lot of phones in the last 6 years and this Samsung Galaxy S8+ is the worst.  So much potential, such poor execution. I've grown to expect as standard a mobile phones ability to stay off while in my pocket, but this S8+ just can't seem to do that. Every time any notification comes up the phone just starts ramdomly running apps. I've tried:

- Smartlock, on body off, tristed places off, trusted devices off, voice match off.

- Block accidental touches turned on.

- Single tap mode off.

- Quick open notification panel off.

- Unlock with home button off.

None of it works. 


Couple this with the fact that android auto is just horrible at remembering the difference between the last state of play or stop when it starts up again (autoplay must be enabled no matter what the privious state). No, my audible book was stopped but when I get in the car autoplay just happens. 


I won't rehash bixby, but please don't release an advertising bot that can't be disabled ever again. The only value bixby ever had was to advertise but I paid for my phone that should not be included with the experience. Stop "suggesting" things proactively.


I've had phones 5+ years ago that could figure out these basics. Why is the Samsung S8+ so bad at all of these things? I'm all ears if this is what I should expect or if I've missed some 4 layer deep setting that will somehow help the situation.