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11 Month Old S8 - Screen Completely Yellowed, Can't Use Phone (photos included)

Hi! Thanks for reading.

To my suprise, I couldn't find a post describing this same problem from an S8 user.


Reference all the information about my S8's build / firmware in one image:


I bought a new Galaxy S8 in November of 2018. Everything about it has been great except for a really brutal issue that just began around October 3rd.


I had the phone plugged into my desktop PC via a third-party USB to USB-C cable. It was plugged in for a while so I could use screen sharing via SideSync. When I went to grab it and unplug it, it was hot. Very hot.


When it had cooled off, I touched the screen to begin using the phone.. and discovered a screen that is filled with a puke-yellow from top to bottom. See here:


At the time, the app buttons were  just barely visible though the color. The yellow flickered a bit, but the phone was un-usuable. Soon enough, I wasn't able to see anything but a plain yellow color. No flickering back and forth. I paid five hundred something for this phone less than a year ago.


I had this issue (at least it seemed the same) with my previous model, the S5. This time around, however, it doesn't seem as managable. And it happened much, much sooner in its lifespan. 


When my S5 experienced this:
- it was much older.. 3-4 years old.
- It periodically went back to normal, allowing use of the phone.
- I could remove much of the yellow and improve the clarity of the image by turning the screen brightness down.
- Eventually I discovered that I could fix the issue to a huge degree by changing one or two settings in the developer menu. This helped me use the phone for another 6 months / 1 year.


With My Current S8
- Phone was brand new about 11 months ago
- Since it began, the yellow screen issue is basically contstant and covers full screen
- Brightness and/or power saving mode do not affect issue at all


My hypotheses are probably worthless since I don't know much about phones, other than that I'm Android for life and love my Galaxy phones despite this.. But here's what I can come up with that might help:


Heat/Poor Exhaust - I used a heavy duty Lifeproof Fre case on my S5 throughout most of its life which probably lead to poor ventilation and higher temps on average overtime. This time around, I was again using a heavy case.. but like I said, the issue started RIGHT after some terrible screw up involving a USB-C cable, a high speed USB 3.1 port on my custom PC, and a Galaxy S8 so hot that I had to put it down.  Hurts just to think about this.


Cracked Screen/Dead Pixels/Leak.. potential cause? - Someone dropped my phone just a couple months after I began using it which lead to some screen cracks that I never got around to fixing (by replacing the screen).. Months later, it lead to this black spot of what I imagine are dead pixels in the top corner, seen here:    


Could my failure to replace the screen have lead to the issue? It was after the cracks that I got the heavy-duty metal case instead..


I'll keep reading in the meantime, but anything anyone could offer would be super helpful. I don't think I'll be covered at all since I bought this from a third-party amazon seller and I'm pretty sure I didn't buy the additional warranty at additional cost.. but if I could get this repaired at a reasonable cost it would definitely be worth it to me. 


TLDR: Phone screen is exhibiting the yellow flickering/flashing issue.. but quickly skipped the flashing part and is just yellow from top to bottom. Phone is pretty new. Could be due to over-heating or cracked screen. 


Re: 11 Month Old S8 - Screen Completely Yellowed, Can't Use Phone (photos incl..

Your third party USB cable burned the screen due to excessive amperage draw. Doubt it's covered under warranty now. Sorry


Re: 11 Month Old S8 - Screen Completely Yellowed, Can't Use Phone (photos incl..

Hello, from your post I would recommend taking the phone to a phone repair shop. I believe the screen is broken and that you could have damaged an internal component regarding heat sensing and emergency shut offs. You said that your phone was so hot that you couldn't touch it, which is odd because the phone should have shut off on high temp. This could have been circumvented due to your friend dropping your phone as mentioned above, and it could be related to the third party cord used when connecting to your computer in that it drew too much voltage in and caused interference with certain electrical components of the phone. I am sorry this happened to you, but you seem to be handling it well. In the end, I recommend going to a phone repair specialist. Best of luck.


Re: 11 Month Old S8 - Screen Completely Yellowed, Can't Use Phone (photos incl..

Thanks a lot, Daniel. That's the most thought-out response I've received in the several places where I shared the issue. I've gotten a pretty wide variety of answers which has been tricky, but I'm starting to be put at ease a bit having read your answer and thought about it more.. My big fear was that some critical internal component was fried and the phone would need to be replaced or require a very costly repair. But all of possible causes you mention really come down to a screen replacement. And I know from using PC screensharing and experiementing with the screen even while it's totally yellowed out.. that the phone is acting normal in every single way except for the display. Everything else is fine. So, while it's like 8 months late, I should replace the screen.


I have one more question for you if you're willing to be even more generous with your thoughts.. Normally (because it's a more complicated wrap-around type screen than your average device) I wouldnt' hesitate to send it in for a professional screen replacement/repair.. just to be safe. But I lost my job of four years right before my phone went haywire (of course these things happen at the same time)  so I'm trying to pinch pennies right now. I've replaced ip0d classic screens.. an S5 screen.. etc.. Do you think I could do it if I was careful? Or is it maybe not worth  the risk for what money is saved? Thanks so much.