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Cosmic Ray

A few questions on smartphones in general

I have a few questions regarding maintaining a smartphone...

#1 Should you put apps to sleep to save your battery? Is it safe?

#2 Are cleaning apps a waste of time or do they help Android in any way?

#3 I have had 4 Galaxy S8 phones, all 4 get pretty warm/hot with normal use, what could cause that?

#4 Are battery apps worth installing?

#5 Should I install an antivirus?


The apps I'm referring to are... CCleaner, SD maid, Accubattery and GSam Battery Monitor


I've also created a video... I would hope some of you would watch it, it's 27 minutes and especially the Samsung developers.



You can view it through your browser...


Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: A few questions on smartphones in general

  1. Yes it is safe
  2. Usually a waste of time
  3. During heavy use or charging it is expected that they get warm. 
  4. Not really
  5. Debatable. If you randomly click on things or install questionable apps, it might be a very good idea. 

Re: A few questions on smartphones in general

I put almost all my apps to sleep if i can, except one i want notifications for like messaging and email apps.


Cleaning apps, battery apps and antivirus all have just used more battery in my experience and made issues worse. Also for an antivirus there is google play protect on your device inside of the google play app, this scans your apps to make sure you have only safe ones installed. It located by opening google play and pressing the 3 lines and selecting play protect.


If you device is warm that should be okay but if its getting hot, make sure to turn the brightness down or screen off temporarily so it can cool, or check in device care battery to check what could be using alot of your power to heat up your device.