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AOD recently started enabling backlight

My AOD on my S8, Android 8, recently started exhibiting an issue where the backlight turns on with a reddish hue when the AOD is active. It's no longer just a black screen with white text. Everything looks red and in total darkness the entire screen is illuminated red.

I've tried the typical things, wipe cache partition, reboots, wiping storage and data for the AOD app, safe mode, etc. but nothing works.

I even updated to Android 9 hoping it would fix it but it did not.

I have not factory reset yet as I've found forum posts from older Galaxy phone users who have had similar issues (but with get backlight) and factory reset did not fix the issue. I don't want to lose everything for nothing.

Furthermore if I download an alternative AOD app, it works completely fine!

Even more strange, I've noticed that often when I unlock my phone while AOD is active, it will briefly change back to it's working state (backlight off) right before it unlocks.

Clearly this is a software issue of some sort.

Any ideas here?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: AOD recently started enabling backlight

Are you using a theme on your phone? Have you tried changing the theme?