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Always problems



I've bought a s8+ about 2 year ago. Before that I always had an iPhone. Just wanted to try something different. I was happy for about 1.5 years. Till the phone went weird. While charging I always got the 'Yo your'e phone is moisted' warning while charging whith a official Samsung charger. Now I've bougt a $10 charger at the local store, and it finally charges. Which is weird.. When I just bought the thing,  about non Samsung branded chargers. 

Then, not so long ago, I've experienced problems with my samsung TV as well and descided to contact your'e 'help' centre. The guy on the phone was very rude, not what I expected from a consumer service employee. After a discussion about the problem, he hang up at the moment I said that I'ts probably a Samsung issue that (in my opinion) Samsung has to fix.

Ok back to the problem. My phone won't charge, but if I do the restart trick while connected to a charger, after the startup there is no moist problem anymore.


Please give me a good answer (finally) and do something about the Dutch customer care bt phone, because I didn't have the idea that they took my problem serious in any way.. 


Cheers, and hoping for a solution now..

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Always problems

Can I please have your full model number? Also give this link a try: