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Android system - sign in to network

WiFi is working but when I turn on mobile data I cant acces internet anymore and a sign appears in the left upper corner with a triange and a ?. I get the message from the Android system - sign in to network and it says that I am out of balance.
But I am not out of balance, recharged it even. Calls are working but not internet.


Please help!


It occourred when I was on holiday with a differnt sim and when I changed back I got this message.


I´m sitting already the whole day on this problem, restarted, took my sim out and in, researched the internet but all solutions I found don´t work, even here with "wifi only" - I don´t have that option in my phone.

Ok, on holiday I updated to the newest android and maybe this is the reason but where is the solution?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Android system - sign in to network

Unable to connect to mobile data would be an issue your service provider would need to address. You will need to work with them to resolve the issue.