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Apps wouldn't update after Android 9 update

Hi all, just letting everyone know an issue that's going on with the Google Play Store not updating any apps, either manually nor automatically, after this most recent Android 9 update ( ONE UI). The update itself is awesome and greatly improves the look and actions of this phone (S8 Plus), but we shouldn't have a problem with apps updating, that is a security issue possibly.

So I'm still in the process of seeing what will work to correct this problem and right now I'm at the point of :

1. Going to settings, General Management, and resetting Network Settings

2. Turning the power off, Holding down the Volume up button , holding down the Bixby button , and then holding down the Power button. After the system menu pops up (after 30-60 seconds) use the volume button to scroll down to Wipe Cache Partition. Then hit the power button on the Reboot System now selection. The phone will turn on like normal, and hopefully this will solve the issue. If not then I'm assuming Samsung will have to address the Update version 9 itself?

Will try to remember to update here if this works..


Re: Apps wouldn't update after Android 9 update

Factory reset hasnt helped. It's been months Samsung. i am on my hands & knees brother i am Begging you to either fix tho issue or adress it publicly so we know what the heck going on. This problem has been documented by users all over the web buddy please step it up.