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Continuous crash- need OS flashed

Ever since the last Android update, my Samsung S8 plus has been crashing constantly. I have exhausted my research and have tried everythign from factory resetting the phone from startup mode to even trying to run the phone without installing any apps to basic steps iike running it without SD card. Nothing has helped. Then a few days ago I was travelling in Canada and got to speak to a Samsung specialist at the Experience store and he was convinced the issue is my OS.  However, this being a US phone, they would not help reinstall the OS.  Does anyone know how I can go about doing this in online? I looked up Samsung experience store in Dalals where I live, and there isn't any place near my house.  I am fairly techi so if there is decent documentation out there, I can probably flash it my self.  I just need Samsung's help to point me in the right direction. 


Re: Continuous crash- need OS flashed

Try samsung smart switch for windows 10 it will allow a reset for the phone and helped me fix my mom's slow and buggy s8