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Device stuck in bootloop and flashing the rom doesn't work

Hi all, I am new to this forum, but a proud user of Samsung devices for a long time.


I am really stuck and wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this issue and if so, was a resolution found?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus (SM-G955F) which was originally purchased in the UK via Vodafone.

There has never been an issue with the phone until now, and it has never been drooped either.

The phone is stuck in the boot loop sequence; something which until now I had not realized was an issue with a good number of these phones.


After looking online, the common suggestion was to flash the rom.


I therefore installed odin v3.13.1 to do this in conjunction with downloading Frija to obtain the relevant md5 files (BL,AP,CP,CSC)


So, I have performed the flash and Odin confirms a pass, however the phone is still stuck, the additional issue now since performing this, is that now I cannot get the phone to go into recovery mode.


I am not sure if the firmware should alter based on location or sim, I have tried 4 variants – VOD and BTU for the UK and also TEL and VAU since I am now in Australia and have used both Telstra and Vodafone also.


Despite Odin stating a ‘pass’, I do not think the phone is installing the firmware, although I can see the progress bar on the download page moving..   Everything seems to do what it should until the phone restarts and remains stuck!


The curveball that I would like to mention and it may or may not have any relevance is that when I could get into the recovery mode, it referred to firmware with he csc as ATT which I believe is US and the phone has never been there?


Hope this makes sense, and would love to be able to fix the phone as I have no job/money to get a replacement.


First reboot after csc was VOD.pngAfter first flash.jpgLast time it went into recovery.jpg


Re: Device stuck in bootloop and flashing the rom does work

😬 call samsung?