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Fingerprint sensor stops working after recent update Android 9


Baseband version:G892AUCS5CSK1
Carrier: AT&T


After receiving the latest update my fingerprint sensor no longer works. I have read several threads from other users and tried each suggested fix. I will outline these attempted fixes below.

First here is the error I receive:

An error has occurred with the fingerprint sensor. If this message appears repeatedly, restart your device.

Resolution attempt number one:
Booting into safe mode and removing each fingerprint and booting normally and re-adding fingerprints.


Result: when I boot into safe mode and went to biometrics to remove the fingerprints when I clicked on the fingerprint icon I received the same error message described above
Resolution attempt number two:
Open settings, go to general, go to reset, select reset settings


Result: no change in behavior received same error message

Resolution attempt number three:
do a factory restore.
Result: no change in behavior same error message occurred. Receive same error message stated above.


Resolution attempt number four:

Reboot into recovery mode and wipe the cache partition


Result: no change in behavior same error message occurred. Received same error message stated above



While researching this issue I came across a way to enter a diagnostic and testing mode with a Samsung Galaxy phone using the phone mechanism and dialing r *#0*#. This brought up a whole series of things that you can test. I clicked on sensors as I was instructed to do in another tutorial and scrolled all the way to the bottom where it said fingerprint sensor there were two options under fingerprint sensor I provided a picture of what mine says. Typically in all of the videos I saw there was a version number one excetera excetera and in mine the version number is NULL. This leads me to believe there is an underlying issue with the patch that requires immediate attention. Or possibly this is a known issue and I'm just not finding the solution anywhere.

I would really really like some input feedback suggestions and ultimately a resolution that works so I can continue using my phone as intended there are a lot of features and apps that I use for biometrics that are no longer available and this is one of the main reasons I purchased this phone.

Below are a series of pictures that will show you a few screens specifically the diagnostic screen that I mention where the version is null I've highlighted encircled the appropriate part at the bottom of the image. The other images are showing version numbers of the software.




Screenshot_20200117-154556_HwModuleTest~2.jpgVersion nullScreenshot_20200117-154556_HwModuleTest.jpgUnmodified sensor diagnostics screenScreenshot_20200117-144528_Settings.jpgSoftware onformationScreenshot_20200117-144347_Settings.jpgThis is the error I get Everytime I try to use the sensor or even access fingerpeints


Re: Fingerprint sensor stops working after recent update Android 9

I am having an issue with ATT baseband version G892AUCS5CSK1 as well. Curiously, on ATT trouble shooting under "updates" ( ) they do not currently list this update.Screenshot_20200222-105659_Chrome.jpgAtt Software updates no longer list the version G892AUCS5CSK1 from Dec2019


However, Google search finds no longer available pages on ATT with the version. 


Screenshot_20200222-105155_Chrome.jpgGoogle says that att formerly had instructions for the Dec2019 update but they're gone

I tried using the Android recovery menu to clear the partition cache. No luck. But I noticed that there is a brief flash of an error message right after  "installing update". Which, now that I think about it, why would the recovery menu be installing an update from months ago?

I was able to see that more clearly when trying the screen test... See if you have the same. 


My read on the evidence is that the ATT baseband version G892AUCS5CSK1 was bad and has been pulled back and some of us are just stuck with it until the new one.


Meanwhile, Samsung has released new security patches for 2020 Feb.. no word from ATT when those might get to our devices. 


Re: Fingerprint sensor stops working after recent update Android 9

I'd love to be able to roll back to 8.  I wonder who all is having these problems. Sending the phone in won't fix the software issue that was pushed to my phone.


Here's an image you might find Interesting.





Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Fingerprint sensor stops working after recent update Android 9

I would recommend going to a local ubreakifix and having someone look at your device. You can search the closest one to you here: