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Galaxy S8 - Battery Swelling

I have already read a few posts about Samsung Galaxy S8 phones battery swelling and breaking the case. I am now experiencing this issue and not sure how to proceed. I purchased my Samsung Galaxy S8 factory unlocked phone brand new from Amazon on August 2017. That makes my phone 25 months old and now out of warranty as I understand the factory warranty is 24 months. 


It took me a while to finally purchase a Samsung phone due to the costs of their flagship devices. I have been happy with the device since purchase and even frequently promote the Samsung Galaxy family of products. However, after this phone breaking exactly 1 month after the warranty expires makes me doubt my praise of Samsung. I am now HAVING to look at paying out of pocket to solve a factory defect on this phone. These are normally the times when I take the opportunity to cross shop other manufactures.


Instead of changing phone manufactures again, can someone please advise on the best course of action to at least get this phone fixed. That will at least set me up to trade-in the phone or sell and buy another outright. Maybe I am showing my age here but I remember the "good ole days" when phones didn't self destruct after the factory warranty expires.


Thanks in advance for any help.


Phone Model: Samsung Galaxy S8

Model Number: SM-G950U1

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy S8 - Battery Swelling

I recommend reaching out to 1-800-Samsung regarding this issue. They will be more than happy to help.