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Galaxy S8+ Front Facing Camera Keeps Refocusing

I've been using the front-facing camera on my S8+ a lot lately, for recording videos for work and for teaching via Zoom, and it does a lot of focusing and refocusing while I'm recording.  It happens frequently enough to be distracting.  It's like the camera is trying to focus constantly.  It's not a problem when I record with the other camera, but that means I can't see what I'm recording (and isn't even an option when using Zoom).  Is this a setting that I can adjust or a problem I just have to accept?  Any information is appreciated!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Galaxy S8+ Front Facing Camera Keeps Refocusing

Do you experience these symptoms when recording using the stock camera?


Have you tried resetting the camera settings?

- go to the camera app > tap on the gear in the top left corner > tap on reset settings > reset


Have you tried force stopping and clearing the cache for the apps you are experiencing these symptoms with?

- Go to settings > apps > tap on the app you are experiencing these symptoms with > tap on force stop > then tap on storage and clear the cache

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