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Re: HELP Phone Ate It


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Re: HELP Phone Ate It

@BrookeT wrote:

Long story short - my phone ate about 641 photos and 39 videos (from my Camera album in the Gallery app) as well as probably 200 or so screenshots. I have no idea where they went, they're not in any trash folders, and apparently they've not been backed up to anything although they were supposed to be. I've talked to Verizon, Best Buy, and Samsung.


My question is if anyone has any ideas about a trustworthy third-party site for trying to recover those? Honestly couldn't care less about the screenshots, but that Camera album was 5 years of my life, every picture I had of my dog, my Hawai'i trip last year, all my concerts... I've literally cried 5 times in 2 days.


GeekSquad said they could fix it, but it's gonna start at like $700-800 to try and recover those files, and I don't have that. I just want my pictures back.


Any assistance is much appreciated.

Your phone ate photos?  They just disappeared? If you connect your phone to PC and accessing all folders, try it, maybe they are there...

Also look at Google Play Store app and search for file recovery app