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How to turn off universal switch without volume button?

Well, I've gotten myself into a situation.

A week or so ago, I fell in a creek while hiking and my phone, which was in my pocket, took a little dip with me. Since then, everything seems to be working fine except for the fact that the volume up button is unresponsive, but also sometimes my volume will shoot up to 100% seemingly at random.

While seeking a solution for THAT problem, I figured, 'hey, here's an accessibility feature that lets me control the volume without the buttons!' and I turned on universal switch. I now understand from googling that this was a terrible mistake. So now there's just a blue box floating around my screen, which is entirely unresponsive to touch (except maybe a little towards the bottom?), as my phone beeps loudly because as the box floats around my volume is also being turned up. Seeing as how my volume button is unresponsive, I can't turn off universal switch the normal way. So:

1. How can I turn off universal switch without the use of the volume up button? (Even just having the ability to turn my phone off so it doesn't keep beeping until it dies would be greatly appreciated.)

2. (Much less pressing) Is there anything I can do to keep my volume from randomly changing? I don't mind not having the volume up button so much, as I can just hit volume down and then adjust the volume from the popup, but the random changes are driving me nuts.


I also have Bixby disabled, as I hate it with a passion, but I am regretting that now...


Re: How to turn off universal switch without volume button?