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I need a different backup cell phone

I have a Samsung backup cell phone I rarely if ever use as a backup. It is a Samsung galaxy S6 plus. In "new" condition. I changed providers from T-Mobile to Sprint and my provider says my S6 or S7 will not work on Sprint.
Looking for a used one like it and was given a SAMSUNG Galaxy S7 in NEW condition but the IMEI could not find or was inclusively. My provider said it was a T-MOBILE SAMSUNG for only T-MOBILE.
So am looking for another "used" one in "like new" condition for SPRINT.
Looking on eBay in like walking in a "mine field" but think I need:
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active [or a]
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge [+ or not].
It seems the S7 gets higher ratings on a few things but the S8 is newer and has current updates.
My other MAIN problem with a used one is "lock/unlock" and the SPRINT GSM.
Since it seems a S7 can be "for T0Mobile only", are the S8 like that too?
Guess all I can do is try and sell the S7 Ito a T-Mobile customer.
Opinion will be appreciated.




Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: I need a different backup cell phone

It sounds like you got a S7 that was locked to T-Mobile. Any phone which is sold by a carrier is usually locked to that carrier. After the device is paid off, the user can request that the carrier unlock them. Sounds like the person who sold it to you did not get it unlocked.