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Internet browser opens automatically

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Galaxy S8

Browser opens by itself randomly even in lock screen and must close manually, how do I stop this?

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Galaxy S8
Method 1: Clear All Cookies

By default the browser cookies on your Android phone that might be the reason behind this issue and we need to clear them to get rid of these random ads. Note: (If the browser syncs with Chrome (or if you’re using Chrome), make sure you clear out your Chrome history on your desktop as well):

Launch the browser that you regularly use for browsing.After launching it, click on the Menu icon located on the top right corner of your browser.From the dropdown menu click on the Settings button and afterward tap Privacy and security option.Privacy and SecurityChoose Clear browsing data and afterward choose the time range for example last hour or All time.Untick all other options except Cookies and saved website data option.Now, tap on Clear Data option and then choose Clear to get rid of all Cookies and then check whether the pop-up ads are blocked or not. If not then proceed further.Clear DataMethod 2: Navigate To the Safe Mode

Safe mode lets you run your Android device using its basic interface, with simplified menus and without most third-party applications. You can consider it as a testing tool to verify whether any third-party application is responsible for causing this issue or not hence, to reboot your device in the SafeMode follow the steps mentioned below:

Press and hold the Power button until the “Power Off” screen appears in front of you. That screen will comprise three buttons Power Off, Restart and Emergency mode.Power OffNow, hold the Power Off button for some time until the Safe Mode is displayed on the screen.Safe ModeTap on Safe Mode and your phone will restart and your home screen will be displayed in Safe Mode.Proceed to your browser now and search for something random. Keep using your browser for some time and check whether the ads pop-up on the screen or not. If the ads are diminished now it means third party application is causing this issue.To exit Safe mode, press and hold the Power key again, then tap “Restart”.Restart PhoneMethod 3: Uninstall Third-Party Applications

This error might trigger if you have installed third-party applications recently and deleting that app might eliminate this error. Only download applications from reliable sources like the Google Play Store or Galaxy Apps. Hence, to delete unnecessary apps from your device follow the guide below:

Locate the Settings option of your Samsung phone and navigate to Apps.AppsIn the list of Apps look for the applications installed recently and click on them.Installed ApplicationsNow, click on Uninstall and wait until the uninstall procedure is finished. After uninstalling third-party applications check whether the error is eliminated or not.Uninstall The ApplicationMethod 4: Run A Virus Scan

It is possible that your phone might’ve bit hit by malicious software due to which the internet keeps opening and running a virus scan may terminate this problem completely. Follow the steps below to run a virus scan on your Samsung device:

Locate the Settings option and tap on Apps button.AppsNow click on Smart Manager and afterward choose Device Security.Device SecurityClick on the Scan Now button and wait patiently until the scan is finished. After the scan is complete if any potential threats are found, clean them and check whether the issue is gone or not.Scan NowMethod 5: Stop Pop-Up Ads Using Samsung Internet

The steps for getting rid of pop-ups on the Samsung Internet browser are very similar to Google Chrome. Follow the steps below to block Pop-ups using Samsung Internet browser:

Launch the Samsung Internet application and tap the Menu icon.Tap Settings and navigate to the Advanced section and afterward tap Sites and downloads.Settings optionTurn on the Block pop-ups option located there and the unwanted pop-ups will be blocked on your device.Block Pop-ups

Workaround: If all the possible solutions mentioned above don’t prove to be successful then try downloading AdBlock Fast application that is available for Samsung’s