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Issues with latest Software update



I am facing the following issues since the last month after the September and October software updates.

  1. Mobile randomly restarts by itself and asks for pattern to unlock the device - Never faced this issue in the last two years. It's very annoying as the mobile reboots multiple times in a day without any notice. Once the mobile restarts, it updates the Samsung health app every time. I wonder by now it has updated a hundred times. The worst part is step counter is also not working properly - it randomly stops counting the steps.
  2. GPS is not working - I tried all the suggestions given by others like disabling power mode, clearing cache, and resetting the device. I first noticed that GPS is not working with my Nike Plus app, later I found that GPS itself is not working after seeing the output from 'GPSTest' and 'GPS Status' apps. I haven't used maps for a while but I see that others are all facing the same issue with navigations apps.

I wish there is a provision in the mobile to revert back to the previous firmware, which was robust and working fine, but I have agreed to the terms that I won't be able to revert back to the previous firmware. 

Now onwards, I would be very cautious to install the new updates as I strongly feel that developers might not be testing them on old devices like S8.  


I am thinking of reverting back to older firmware using Odin and firmware from

in the near future if new software patches won't work. I just need S8 community opinion on this issues.