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Low internet connectivity while playing pubg on my S8 plus

This problem started around a month back, when I play pubg my internet speed will go so low even I am at a place where speed is good..initially I thought the problem was with my network and I opened other apps and alas speed is around 1 to 2 Mbps..I dont know what's happening..the moment I open Pubg app..speeds will go down..I am On Exynos variant..UAE will be of great help if anyone can shed some light into this


Re: Low internet connectivity while playing pubg on my S8 plus

It's probably because the game requires a lot of data. It depends a lot on what country are you in and how strong is the internet data provided by your ISP (internet service provider). You can check your internet speed, even though it won't help much. 

My advice to you is to check that and if it doesn't affect your game, you shouldn't mind it (you probably saw the wi fi on top of the screen in the game). In case it affects your game, try talking to your ISP about your data plan and see it it's got another plan with stronger wi fi. 

I hope this helped.