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Moisture has been detected in charging port


There are multiple discussions about this error that practically turns the phone into unusable. ( Tricks like plug the cable while you restart work - but this is not a solution for a flagship phone).

Since starting to receive these messages a week ago I tried all of the suggested approaches:

  • Hairdryer
  • Cotton-tipped slub
  • Restart
  • Clear USB cache and data
  • put the phone into clean water and they dry it.

None of the above removed the message.

It is obviously a software false alarm and with the number of discussion threads over the internet it looks like a common problem.

How come Samsung doesn't issue a fix for that?

A wireless charger is not a fix as I need to charge in the car and use Android Auto (Which requires a cable connection).

I don't want to replace the phone yet and I don't want to switch to another brand as I'm a Samsung fan for many years now.

Please fix this issue !


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Moisture has been detected in charging port

We would be happy to look into your concerns for you.

Can you please send us a private message here with the below information:
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