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No data on S8 plus

I just switched carriers from Boost to Spectrum which runs othru Verizon. Ever since then I do not have a data connection. I spoke to many reps at Spectrum, for the most part they are clueless. I have tried diligent tly for the last 2 weeks to figure it out to no avail. I changed APN setting over 20 times, messed with phone settings, replaced sim card 3 times, went into safe mode and checked for apps that may be the issue. Removed all my apps that were not factory installed. I actually got LTE for like 15 minutes when I messed with the apn settings gs but lost it again. Does anyone have any further ideas? I am trying to avoid factory reset if possible. Thank you!!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: No data on S8 plus

Thank you for reaching out. Is your device a carrier device?

-If yes, have you carrier unlocked your device?


Have you tried resetting the network settings? Just a heads up, by resetting the network settings, it will remove all wi-fi and Bluetooth settings you currently have saved.

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