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Phone backgrounds

Hello. I have a galaxy S8+. Will Samsung future software updates have the text message background setting again? Also would there finally be an option to change the backgrounds to whatever photos we want for the phone dialer, recents/contacts/places tabs, and also the clock for alarms? Also can we choose the colors and easily install fonts if I have the ttf or otf file? These features would make using the phone absolutely amazing since it is personalized to how I want it since the phone already costs $800+. I have tried the themes for different pictures for the backgrounds, but I have not liked any of them because of the combination of some having pictures for somethings, only one picture throughout, or just bland (no picture background at all), and terrible colors. Thank you.

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Re: Phone backgrounds

Thats something we cant answer here in the Community we dont know what the Developers will add or remove from the phones in future updates 

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