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Samsung Charger nearly on fire

Woke up 2 nights ago. Not sure why but I assume my phone was vibrating or the smell of burning plastic.  I got up and my phone was dead, which was wierd cuz it was sitting on the wireless Samsung charger that came with my phone (maybe a year or two old).  The silver, wireless charger that looks like two circle at 45 degree angles.  


Anyway, upon closer inspection with the lights on, the charger was not responding and that's when I noticed how hot to the touch the base of the charger was where the micro usb plugged in.  That area was so hot that I noticed that it had melted along the bottom, black and oozy, and the smell of burning plastic was all around.  The heat had traveled up the tip of the micro USB cord and melted that good too.


I assume I nearly died and would have had I not woken up in time.  I have another charger (the same wireless one) but I am afraid to use it.  Do these things have a "Hey I nearly killed you" warranty? I called Samsung and they said I needed a reciept.  It clearly says "Samsung" on the product and it did not melt the product ID information section.  


Should I just plug it in and see if it will start a fire?  


I'm just looking for a reliable replacement that I can trust not to kill  me in the middle of the night.  Any thoughts?


I am also a Physics teacher, so I think maybe I should keep it and just display it at school as a warning to kids to not rely on these products.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Charger nearly on fire

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, could you please provide me with a full model number and serial number for your charger in a private message?

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