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Samsung Cloud not downloading my photos correctly

Hi all - I hope someone can help. First off, I'm totally annoyed with Samsung for this whole Cloud update anyway, because in the past I could just hook my phone up to my PC with a USB cord and boom - easy photo transfer. Now, some of my photos are backed up to the Cloud and some aren't. My biggest problem at the moment is that when I try to download the photos from the Cloud to my PC, it's only downloading a seemingly random number of them.


For instance, I manually selected 486 photos (because it only lets you download 500 or fewer files at a time - fun when you have thousands to download) and hit Download. It created a zip file on my PC, but when the download was done, I only had 322 photos in the zip file. So where's the other 166?


Has anyone else encountered this?  If so, did you figure out why it happens and find a way to work around it?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung Cloud not downloading my photos correctly

Do you know if the missing photos are saved under a different format, i.e. jpg vs. png.?

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