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Samsung Galaxy S8 - Connection Problems Bluetooth Media with car

Hello Community,


After the update to Android 9 (Pie) on my Samsung Galaxy S8, I'm having troubles playing music in my car (Mercedes A Class 2019)


The connection for calls and messages always succeeds without any problems, but the media connection doesn't always work. It often happens that the Media option in the bluetooth settings turns off. When this happens, it doesn't allow me to turn it on again giving me the message 'Connection Setup failed'. There's 50% chance that the media connection succeeds though when I step into my car.


I already searched several forums to solve this problem, but I still haven't found a solution for my case. These are the things I already tried:

  • Reset network settings on my phone
  • Restart my phone
  • Reset settings on my car
  • Disconnecting and connecting again
  • Downloading all security settings on my phone
  • Downloading the apps 'Bluetooth auto' and 'Bluetooth Phonebook'
  • Developer mode: changing Bluetooth-AVRCP-version
  • Developer mode: changing Bluetooth-audiocodec
  • Developer mode: chaning Bluetooth PBAB version 
  • Sending a mail to Mercedes, but they do not know anything about this problem

I haven't tried to reset my phone because I don't really want to do that. I think it's useless to initialize and download everything again if I'm not even sure it will solve the problem.


If someone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

Also, anyone having the same problem, please tell me and say what u did and didn't try to solve it. I hope we can solve this once and for all together.


Thank you!


Cancel optimization of the music program you are using

Cancel optimization of the music program you are using


Re: Cancel optimization of the music program you are using

My S10 is fine connected via Bluetooth to my car stereo but it doesn't even discover my home stereo. Meanwhile my S8 Plus is on the table connected perfectly. Even unpaired it and reconnected no problem. I wish I hadn't bothered upgrading. Frankly pretty disappointed with the glitchy problems with this new model. Aren't phones meant to improve each upgrade? Samsung needs to get it together!