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Samsung Galaxy S8 Group Text Messaging Broken with Android 9 Pie Update

The Android 9 Pie Update broke group text messaging for ALL Samsung Galaxy S8 phone users.  This same problem has been posted on this forum hundreds of times in so many different words, but nobody seems to be getting a clear and definitive answer to fix the problem.


When a group text message is recieved, it does not automatically download and get moved to the appropriate group conversion. It just sits there until it expires in 3 days and is lost, or the user has to select it, to download it, and re-receive it into the group conversation. This is a tedious process for larger groups with many contacts replying to the conversation, and is fraught with the potential to miss critical parts of the conversation, or have them automatically expire without seeing them.


Rather than telling each of the millions of users of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone, to try wiping a possibly corrupted cache, try to clear a potentially corrupted network setting, try to clear the messaging app cache, try clearing the messaging app data, try reseting the app preferences, try restarting in safe mode, and try resetting to factory settings, with the hopes that maybe one of those things may or may not make the issue (or the user) go away, how about not forcing OS updates on the users that break their phones in the first place, and if you do break something, make a patch available to all users, that will fix the problem for all users, and let the user decide whether or not they want to try to download the fix that will fix their phone?