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Samsung galaxy s8 G950u camera settings

  I can no longer get help anywhere else with Samsung. my issue is with the Spring update 2019. since that update and (I am not certain who is responsible for the update whether it the android,Google, Samsung,or my Carrier AT &t) no one will claim responsibility. this update which changed every function that I used hourly and daily. it changed every function. Apps, icons,colors changed.  the camera had many settings on it that were ideal for my work.  they're all example: pro version of the camera  a setting called "vivid" it was adjusted to my specifications.  it is no longer. Thee cam. functions now I have been  tinkering with trying to get them to the similar settings that were pre Spring update to no Avail.

I have been sending my  issues of the camera to @samsungsupportus on Twitter. I guess I asked too many questions because I now I'm blocked.  30 minutes on the phone today. Transfer to 2or3 people. They put me here. they are rely on us to try to fix it so it's just crazy so if anybody has any input let me know I'm just trying to make my settings work for me.

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Samsung galaxy s8 G950u camera settings

Can I please have your twitter handle in a private message: