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Samsung galaxy s8+ how do I reset factory default settings

I was recently given a slightly used Samsung galaxy s8+ phone but the previous owner is unable to assist me in the process or know-how of resetting the phone for my own use. I'm trying to find out how I can bypass the security lock screen that is appearing when I turn on the phone. The device is instructing me to log-in with the previous owners gmail account information in order to use the device at all. However, I am not able to complete this task effectively considering that the previous owner is not able to assist me with the information necessary (i.e. their Google account password), and I would never expect them to give me their log-in information anyway. So, I guess my ultimate question would be, how can I restore the device to the settings necessary in order to bypass this problem? The device is requiring me to log into the previous owners Google account for which I am never going to be able to do. Someone please help! Thanks.


Re: Samsung galaxy s8+ how do I reset factory default settings

I would recommend trying to return it to the original owner so they can unlock it. the phone is basically bricked/unusable if the frp lock is enabled and the user is unavailable to remove it.




"Samsung devices utilize built-in security measures to protect devices and their resident information. Factory reset protection (FRP) is one such feature auto-enabled on Android 5.0 and above devices utilizing a Google account. Once enabled, FRP only allows a user with a Google account password to factory reset and activate their device.

If an unauthorized individual tries to reset a target device, the device still requires a login using the device owner's Google username and password, so even if a device is lost or stolen, another person cannot conduct a factory reset and manipulate the device.

With enterprises, this is very inconvenient since company provided devices lock into an employee's Google account. If the employee were to leave the company, then the device becomes unusable as a company asset."


Sorry for your issue, hopefully you can contact the user for help.