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Secure Folder seems to be my primary account

At some point a month or so ago, I was clearing old phones off of my google account, and cleaning things up. Somehow, I think I managed to set my Samsung S8's secure folder as my primary device. Any two factor-auth shows up in a secure folder notification, and they often time out, as I'munable to get to them quick enough. Also, anytime I visit Google play in my browser, and tell it to install an app on my phone, nothing happens, and next time I use my secure folder, I realise it's been installed there instead. Is there anyway to resolve this?


On my google account, it doesn't show up as two devices, just the one. I used to get the notifcation on both my regular account, and as a secure folder notification.

Also, on a side note, is there any way to get my secure folder to utilize my SD card storage?