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Separated sounds for S8

On my S8 is their a way to have separate tones for messages,email,games and other notifications other then just one? Also im working on upgrading to the S10 soon and can't  wait, does S10 have this option?

Samsung Care Ambassador

Re: Separated sounds for S8

Hey @Bluedust how are you today? 

To set custom notificstion sounds: Open your settings Menu> next go to the "Sounds and Vibrations" setting> next you'll want to go to "notification sounds" you should see a couple of different options which would be your normal notifcation sounds, and the Messages notifications.  


If you wanted to set notification sounds for each app that allows for notification sounds: back out of the "sounds and vibrations" setting back into the main settings menu> next tap "apps" depending on the app, if it allows any type of notification sound everytime it tells you of something new; you can change that to your liking as well. This takes you to the menu of all the apps that you have installed on your device which you can scroll through. Let's say you wanted to change your mail app all you would do is tap on that app> then then tap "notifications" and it will usually be hidden inside the "general" tab within that notification to allow you to change it. 


It's very indepth but I hope that helps you.