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Software upgrade popup!!!

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Galaxy S8

Anybody having this issue:

Downloaded the new software upgrade for my Samsung Galaxy s8 that is unlocked for any sim. Now I get a pop up window every 15-60 seconds that is getting pretty crazy annoying. It says, "Attention. Power off the device, insert the service provider UICC that came with the device, then power on the device." Samsung customer service told me I'd have to "reflash" the phone and to contact one of their providers of this service. They told me that means completely wipe the phone to it's original settings, lose all memory, and it will probably not be unlocked anymore. And they told me this may not even fix the problem. Sounds like an awful choice to me. All because of a software upgrade I did on Aug 17,  2020. Please help!!!

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Galaxy S8
Solved UICC Issue

In late September, My phone updated. Then this annoying popup started. T-Mobile finally admitted their system upgrade for 5G was the issue and I should get a 5G phone. Not! Their upgrade is incompatible with Samsung''s SIM authentication.

This is collusion for sales.

Then on Election Day, T-Mobile starts another upgrade. I couldn't send texts for 36 hours on top of popup.

New Carrier
Same Phone S8Plus
No Problem