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Still no refund

Since late January/ early February. I have been told so much stuff. I cannot find my original post which probably says "Solved" but it is not. I have went through. We are going to issue a refund. Then We are going to send a replacement phone. Back to a refund. Sent paperwork. Confirmed email, phone number, address. Then I always get the it takes three to five days for this and that. Then I was told May 21 the check was issued and mailed. Guess what still no check. I call the other day. They tell me we have to escalate. AGAIN! I was privately message someone but they have stopped replying. I get of the phone with Samsung and shortly after I receive a text from UPS saying I was receiving something from Samsung. Oh but wait I get a text the next day saying that this "package" has not been received at UPS. When UPS receives the package they will update tracking. As of this morning. They still have not received said package which I was hoping was my refund that I have been waiting on for how many months now? No one can give me direct answers. And now the community support is not updating me either. So needless to say. I'm beyond frustrated. This is just plain ridiculous.  


Re: Still no refund



I have finally received my refund as of Monday. I hope I never have to go through this again. This has been the worst experience. There have been some that have diligently tried to assist. For those of you still waiting. Keep pushing forward