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Syncing Outlook contacts to phone

I'm having difficulty syncing my Outlook 365 contacts to my phone (either the Samsung contacts or Outlook app contacts). 

Setup: I have Outlook 365 set up as an exchange account for one email ( company account) as well as  non-exchange for a personal account. Each has a calendar, which I view merged on the laptop.

Both calendars sync fine to the Outlook app. Only the personal account calendar syncs to the Samsung calendar. I don't care about that so much - I just use the Outlook calendar, though I like the whole week display in the Samsung calendar better.

The bigger problem is syncing contacts. As far as I can determine, contacts in the laptop outlook sync into the samsung contacts, but not the other direction. (I think the phone Outlook app is not syncing with the laptop Outlook contacts at all, but I don't think this forum is the place to post about that.)

Thank you!